Simultanious interpreting

Simultanious interpreting

Added value of interpreting

Every day in Belgium, there are many meetings with participants around the table from all over Europe and the world.
Thanks to simultaneous interpreting, it becomes possible for all parties to express themselves in their mother tongue and to understand fully, accurately and instantaneously, the interventions made by the other participants.

In practice

From a technical point of view, simultaneous interpreting is enabled by specialized technical engineers. They take care of the installation and the coordination of the different technical aspects, in particular:

  • One or several soundproof simultaneous interpreting booths, equipped with interpreting microphones and with a capacity enabling 2 to 3 interpreters to work in one booth.
  • A wireless transmission system functioning, in most cases, via infrared technology.
  • Infrared-receivers, allowing the participants in the audience to follow the debates in the desired language.

Simultaneous interpretation can be set up using different technologies:

  • Wired system: Via a determined number of "delegate" table microphones, allowing the participants who are using a regular headset, to listen to 2 and up to 32 simultaneously interpreted languages.
  • Infrared system: The most frequently used system for mobile installations. Thanks to infrared-technology, it becomes possible for a large number of participants to receive up to 32 different simultaneous interpreted languages via an individual infrared receiver.
  • HF digital system: For meetings where simultaneous interpreting is required for a limited number of participants, we recommend using the compact systems "Infoport" or "Tour Guide". These compact and wireless solutions contain an HF wireless microphone for the interpreter and 20 individual HF wireless headsets. Multiple systems can be combined in cases where multiple interpreted languages are requested (up to 6 different channels). The headsets are equipped with lithium batteries which can be reloaded via a system inserted into the equipment’s case.

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