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Amplification and public address

Speakers, amplifiers, microphones and mixing

Whether these are public events (trade shows, fairs, open days, etc.) or events requiring a lot of sound power, it is important to provide suitable audio amplification in order to allow the optimal dissemination of your message.

GENE-ELECTRA leases the equipment suitable for all your needs:

  • Active and passive speakers
  • Audio amplifiers & DSP
  • Analogue and digital mixing desks
  • Wired and wireless microphones
  • Audio accessories

For small outdoor public events we have portable battery operated sets that can be rented without requiring a technician. These include in a master speaker the wireless microphones, the different audio sources and the mixer.

GENE-ELECTRA is at your disposal for a free estimate, studied in a precise way according to your event and according to your criteria.

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