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Next Generation digital conference system

For meetings where many people need to be able to speak and allow discussion, we have over 100 push-to-talk mics, also known as delegate mics, in our rental fleet.

The number of people who can speak, the speech transmission system and the chairman microphone are parameters that can be adjusted by our technical operator in the central control unit or through the computer application.

The DCN Next Generation digital conference system from BOSCH is extremely reliable and offers great sound quality. It is also possible to combine these discussion devices with a simultaneous interpretation setup. In this way, the participants’ headsets are connected directly to the table microphones and avoid the installation of an infrared system.


When mobility is needed, wireless technology is available for microphones in all their forms.

The handheld microphone and the headset microphone are well known for both speaking and singing. The tie microphone is also often favored by speaker for its discretion during conferences.

But have you ever thought about renting a catch box microphone that can be thrown from person to person to make question sessions more dynamic?

Another innovative solution that makes it possible to speak while standing from high tables or a lectern without the disadvantages of cables is to use wireless gooseneck microphones.

Depending on the circumstances we, at Géné-Electra, use our most suitable microphones from Sennheiser and Shure brands.

The Sennheiser Speechline series, for example, has very popular features for conferences (rechargeable batteries with an autonomy of 15 hours, 1.9 GHz frequency band with automatic change, encryption by AES 256 bit, etc.).

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