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Digital roll-ups

Maximum visual impact

The digital roll-up is a major innovation that guarantees maximum visual impact. Unlike the printed roll-up, it allows the display of any static or dynamic content. For this reason it is also sometimes called E-poster (electronic poster). You can therefore alternately circulate sponsors’ logos, the day’s agenda, but also videos.

Content can be pre-programmed, streamed wirelessly through an app, or streamed using an HDMI cable.

Very easy to move thanks to its wheels, the digital roll-up is designed for extremely flexible setup. Most often used in stand alone we can also place several units side by side to form a decor or assemble them to form a single large led screen. This with minimal installation time and floor space use.

As a real revolution in terms of digital signage, this equipment will allow you to create animation at a lower cost and bring a touch of modernity to your place or event.

We have different models of roll-ups for rent  and offers different formulas: daily / weekly / monthly rent. For repeated use, you can also choose to purchase your own digital roll up / led poster.

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