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Podiums & Mobile Stages

Open and covered stages


When the venue does not have a stage, Géné-Electra assembles standard-sized platforms (1×1 and 2×1) to reach the desired size at the height of your choice (20, 40, 60, 80, 100cm). Round stages can be used for more elegant effects.

The aesthetic appearance of the stage is customizable through carpets and side trim fabrics even if most often these are gray and black.

Mobile stage rental

For outdoor events (concerts, festivals, events) which require large mobile stages, we can take care of this through our trusted partners.

Depending on the needs, we can offer you open and covered stages of the desired size (from 6.5M x 5.5M up to 13M x 8.5M) and with different looks (for example with a transparent tarpaulin at the rear) most often on trailers that are very quick to set up and take down.

Some models can be pre-fitted with led screens, speakers and lighting.

For your events in Brussels and throughout Belgium, we offer a Full Service “Plug & Play” including delivery-installation-recovery, at the time and address of your choice.

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