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Voting Systems & Exhibition Panels

Get feedback from your participants

The use of a voting system, also called polling, can be implemented during events for different uses:

  • Know the opinions and expectations of participants
  • Proceed to the election of people
  • Ensure the correct understanding of a presentation
  • Make a quiz-type animation

It is the group interaction through the immediate display of results generated by the voting system that is most appreciated by respondents. This different way of “giving the floor” to participants is also much faster, more visual and allows the results to be used later.

For a very specific collection of information, votes can be “nominative” and the details provided in a full report.

While face-to-face electronic voting systems have been around for a long time, online voting systems (integrated into the videoconferencing platform or set up in parallel) are currently in high demand with the increase of virtual events.

Be visible!

When the technology has no added value for the desired use, you have to be able to recognize it and go back to simple things. During scientific conferences, it is common to set up a conference space that allows the display of works, publications and other promotional messages. The display of paper posters on our dedicated panels is a solution that adapts to all configurations.

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