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Voting Systems

Online & offline interactive voting

For face-to-face events, Géné-Electra has several hundred Turning Point Response wireless voting units which operate completely autonomously (no need for a wifi connection) and can be set up by the operator in the blink of an eye.

Questions and answers are encoded in a customizable presentation to fit seamlessly into the framework of other powerpoint presentations.

This allows the presenter to question the participants who, using an individual wireless response box, answer the question or choice.

The results are instantly collected and viewable as a clear and detailed graph.

This autonomous system does not require smartphones for participants or even wifi at the venue. For large audiences we also have long range receivers.

Respondents can be anonymous or identified according to desired use. Results exported after the event can be used for different purposes (best exam or game score, training understanding, opinion poll / marketing study, election, etc).

Other online interactive voting possibilities exist and can be used for hybrid events to instantly combine face-to-face and remote voting.

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