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Audiovisual equipment for rent

Alongside our wide range of audio and video equipment that you will find in the pages dedicated to it, we also have various specific audiovisual equipment for rent:

Digital lecterns

A 42″ front screen displays the speaker’s name, title, organization or any other visual. A built-in comfort monitor allows the presenters to follow their presentation without having to turn around. Led strips allow you to bring in a bit of color, when integrated gooseneck microphones allow optimal audio capture.

Classic lecterns

We have 4 identical plexiglass lecterns for rent.

Digital flip charts

A 65″ screen that can be placed in portrait or landscape view on which you can display, note and  share content. We currently favor the Samsung Flip 2 model.

Classic flip charts & whiteboards

We have more than 50 flip charts for rent and various whiteboards on wheels for hire.

Cue lights / speaker remote & pointer

In order to allow speakers to move forward with their presentations, it is possible to synchronize up to 3 computers at the same time.

Timer / countdown

Software that allows time and short messages to be displayed from the control room on the speaker’s monitor or to be integrated into the main image.


Teleprompter kit that displays the text to be read by the speaker above the camera. The operator sets the size of the text and ensures the scrolling speed during the service.

Intercoms & walkie talkies

The intercom allows communication between the different technical parties (cameramen, technicians, manager, etc.); walkie talkies provide a communication channel between different people involved in the same event.

Green Key

We have mobile green keys, which are very easy to transport and install in the form of roll-ups 2m wide by 2.50m high; but also sets of green key wings 6m wide by 3m high with supporting structure that can be assembled to reach the desired size.

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