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Multi camera video recording

Visual quality guaranteed

A video capture can be made as part of a recording in order to edit it later, or live broadcast it in another room or more often online.

Recent sanitary conditions have transformed many events into hybrid setups in which either part of the speakers or part of the public is not present but attends through a live stream or a videoconference. For this, it is necessary to film the presenters adequately.

While a simple meeting with participants seated in a boardroom can be satisfied with a fixed camera shot, most configurations will require at least 2 cameras in order to have the possibility to alternate the shots.

To this end, we often recommend a set of 2, 3 or 4 robot cameras which are controlled by a single operator. The operator can thus choose the right image to send to the video control room, which can mix this image with other content (presentations, etc.) or add titles to it.

For dynamic events this robot camera setup can be combined with 1 or 2 mobile cameramen to ensure optimal coverage.

Géné-Electra has 2 Panasonic HD multicam sets (including cameras, controllers, camera mixers and accessories) that are easy to use in order to guarantee the visual quality of your online events.

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