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Booths and interpretation equipment

Up to 32 languages simultaneously translated

On a technical level, simultaneous translation requires the intervention of specialized technicians, ensuring the implementation and operation of several elements, the main ones of which are:

Interpretation booths

One or more interpretation booths that can accommodate 1, 2 or 3 interpreters. They allow the performers to be isolated, which increases the quality of the performance, and does not disturb the audience.

GENE-ELECTRA has a very large number of simultaneous interpretation booths meeting the most stringent standards in terms of soundproofing and comfort:

  • Complies with ISO 4043 standards
  • 2 dimensions: 1.60m x 1.60m x 2.00m (1 or 2 performers) or 2.40m x 1.60m x 2.00m (3 performers)
  • Silent ventilation
  • Individual lighting
  • Soundproofing superior to ISO 4043

While we generally use Bosch DCN I DESK interpreter stations, to comply with ISO4043-2016, we have recently invested in Televic LINGUA ID-MM interpreter stations with hdmi output and Televic Plixus systems.

Wireless receivers and individual headsets

A set of wireless receivers and individual headsets allowing each participant to hear the discussions in the desired language.

GENE-ELECTRA has interpretation equipment that can provide up to 32 languages ​​simultaneously translated for several thousand participants in the following standards:

  • BOSCH NG (New Generation) 32 channels
  • 32-channel DIS NG compatible
  • TAIDEN NG compatible 32 channels

Emission system

An emission system which, in the context of rental for events, will most often be wireless and based on infrared emission technology. The placement of IR radiators in the event venue easily allows broadcasting to a large number of participants.

We have a very large stock of interpretation equipment in Brussels: booths, interpreter stations, control units, transmitters, radiators, audio interfaces, individual receivers and headsets, thus ensuring up to 32 languages ​​translated simultaneously for several thousands of participants.

Note also that this infrared broadcasting system can also be used for deaf conferencing. It is no longer a question here of listening to the signal emitted by the performers but rather to the signal of the different speakers or soundtracks that come from workshops taking place in the same space.

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