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Simultaneous Online Interpretation

Multilanguage videoconferences

Through an online platform system where both interpreters, speakers and participants can access remotely, it is now possible to hold multilingual videoconferences.

Participants attend a traditional videoconference (also called online or web conferencing) but with the possibility of listening to the interpreter’s translation in real time following the same principle as with an infrared receiver.

Interpreters can work either from home if all conditions are met or from our equipped hubs in Brussels.

Using remote interpreters can in some cases be extremely interesting in terms of availability for specific languages, in terms of the environment (reduction of the physical movement of people and equipment) and in terms of costs.

The alternative is to gather all the interpreters in our hub in Brussels. It is equipped with all the conventional interpretation equipment (soundproof booths, interpreter stations, headsets) but also with video monitoring, a redundant internet connection and various facilities (printer, parking, etc.).

The presence of a technician ensures that the various audio channels are sent to the platform.

These working conditions allow interpreters to work in more traditional conditions that allow them to focus on the essential: interpretation.

Among other advantages, the rental of our hub, which is always ready to use, makes it possible to hold last-minute meetings.

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