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Video Conference & Webinar

Digital live event solutions

For meetings including remote participants and/or speakers, videoconferencing platforms (also called teleconferencing) are numerous and each have their specificities.

On some platforms it is possible to make the videoconference multilingual. Interpreters can work from a hub (studio equipped with interpretation booths) or even from home in case of simple configurations. Participants all receive the same link and can listen to the desired language via a very easy channel selector.

External applications (like Slido, Mentimeter, Whiteboard, etc.) can also be shared there to enable more interaction.

For live events with a large audience or when you want to both keep control of the broadcast while allowing interaction with the public via external video interventions, votes, Q&A and chat we most often suggest the “WEBINAR” formula on the Zoom platform.

Access to the Webinar can be done through a simple link and a personalized password or through a compulsory registration. This prior registration allows it to collect additional information on the public, to know in advance the number and details of the people present, as well as to make registration chargeable.

Other options include the possibility of:

  • Allowing a large number of panellists for Q&A sessions
  • Scheduling reminders to notify participants that the event is approaching
  • Recording the webinar for later broadcast on other channels
  • Planning a post-event survey to question participants on their satisfaction, expectations, etc.
  • Pairing the webinar with simultaneous interpretation to allow participants to express themselves and listen to the discussions in the language of their choice.

Whether the speakers are all online or partially present in the room or studio, we provide everything necessary for audio and video recording and mixing.

You already have an account on a videoconferencing platform but you would like the assistance of a technical operator and/or the implementation of technical means (cameras, microphones, lighting, etc.)?

Our technical operators take care of the configuration, the support during the event and the reporting that follows.

Our digital stage managers can play an active moderator role to give technical explanations at the start, introduce speakers, manage the display of presentations, timing etc.

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